Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It will NOT die!

So here's a cute story about Frank the Wasp.

Tuesday (yesterday) the internet guy was at our house.. great wonderful. Anyway, he must have let in a wasp... and so I noticed it just happily buzzing away by the window by my computer... We'll call him Frank.

eek. So I call Joel and ask him where he was. He's like, on 41, why? "Cause there's this wasp downstairs..." *grimace* *curl up into the fetal position* *tremors of fear*

And he comes home, gets the flyswatter (really, how could a person get that close to a wasp?), and promptly gets it. And puts it in the trash upstairs in the kitchen. My hero.

So today, I get home from my interview, have lunch, go to throw away my napkin... and well, looky-here. Stupid thing is still alive. Guess I won't use that garbage for the rest of the day... good thing we have a garbage can with a lid on it. So he "kills" it again. My hero.

And now tonight after meeting... well, helllooooo, Frank, dearest... and sitting in the same spot as the first time. I shriek, Joel finally hacks on the stupid thing with something metal, and he takes the garbage outside this time.. my hero. :)

DIE, stupid thing! No wonder I hate wasps. I think they can smell fear.

I guess the thing that worries me the most is I would miss hitting them with the fly swatter.. and then I would run away. And then they would attack me. And then all their wasp buddies would come and attack me. And then I would curl up and die, because its my biggest phobia... and I'm such a big wimp so I'd probably have a heart attack. urk. Bugs in general give me the creepies.. but then when they can hurt you?

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Erica said...

I feel your pain. I can take rodents, spiders, etc. but if it has a stinger. I hide.

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