Wednesday, October 21, 2009


*Warning* **Nostalgic memories ahead**

At work, we got to talking about high school the other day. As I was sharing some of my "experience," I realized I came across sounding really bitter, which is not how it was at all.

So yes, it did take until mid-high school for those not in my group of friends to say hi in the hallways to me, but had I ever made eye contact, smiled, and/or said hi in passing to them before? Of course not.

I actually rather enjoyed high school. Choir became my lifeline. Voice lessons were my driving force. Classes were fun and enjoyable. Teachers (mostly) were those to be respected, and ocassionally sparred with. Homework was a priority, but only to get the A. Art was present every semester. I loved my job at the little library where I made just above minimum wage (back when it was $5.15). Trips to Wisconsin, dating Joel, among others from there... ;) My group of friends from school; we did something like once a year.

Riding with Justin. Getting my license. Accidents, losing my license, getting close to Mom as she drove Blair and I every day.

Graduating 2nd in the class. Having a huge gathering of relatives and friends at my graduation party.

Yup. Sure was a good ol' time.


Anonymous said...

High school--Kyle's well into it. I try to remember my experiences with all this stuff... We want it to be good/fun for him BUT not tooo much! LOL!

Mariah said...

True. 4 years was good, but plenty long enough. :)

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