Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm fuzzies.

Just one of those days. Feeling good about life in general, caught a lot of extra snuggle time with the hubby while he was home last night, loving photography, loving early morning retouching with light piano music, and loving my job. Wanted to share that with you all. :)

Btw, this is Toby, my cousin, and Kale, his cousin out on Coronado Beach in CA, near San Diego. Photography complements of Kale's sister, Katie.

Oh and just share an interesting little tidbit from work yesterday. One of the Customer Service Reps (Teller/Banker folks) wanted to put together little Halloween packages to give out to neighboring businesses and wanted a little flyer made up to put in there also. She gave me the job (instead of the marketing guy sitting across office... ??). However, it turned out pretty cool for just using Word (Poo, no Photoshop at work. haha), and was even told by the marketing guy that it looked good. :) Yay. Pretty good for a photo major, eh? :)

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