Monday, October 12, 2009

Update. [boring title for lack of anything better to say]

Snow. Something about it already being winter (eg, freezing temps and snow) makes me extremely crabby. And I'm already freaking out about driving this winter. Yes, I know. I drive like a mile to work. I'm still scared.

On a lighter note, I had a great time doing a couple senior shoots this weekend, as well as the family of one of the seniors, and a younger cousin of mine. I can't wait to show them to you all, but there's too much other stuff to work on right now.

Hopefully once I get caught up with that, I'll be able to post some stuff on my photo blog, which also is sorely lacking in posts recently.

Work is going great! We had an all day training day today, which consisted of the usual numbers/predictions to begin with. We did this "team-building" activity which wasn't actually lame, but pretty fun. Lunch then some compliance talk (which I suppose was the whole reason for the day??). Then we closed with a really disorganized and unmotivational speaker.

Sorry, but if you're "motivating" me (or speaking/teaching/etc), I need to know where you're going. Have a main theme or point that you come back to over and over, and set up your speech so that everything you say supports that. Or do they teach speech class differently than they did 3 years ago??

Anyway, then they got us free laser-tag tickets, which was a blast!! I found out that I get reaaaaallly competitive with that. Haha. We're talking physical force and bending the rules here. :)

So, I've been busy (we've been busy!), but just normal every-day things and nothing really to post about. Sorry for my absence. :)


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Oh Laser Tag.....I'm competitive when it comes to that too!!! I LOVE it!! :)

Burchibunch said...

OH and you had supper with some awesome people....what about that?

Mariah said...

Haha, the supper date was amazing!

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