Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eggs, part 2

Remember when I made blackened fish with a non-stick pan? Remember when it stank up the whole house? Remember when I woke up the next morning, and *I* smelled like nasty charred seasoning? Even after a shower? Ugh. Yeah, me too.



Eggs. Part 2.
(Here is eggs, part 1.)

You were warned. More was coming.

I think this was what started it. My personal own egg craze. I wanted to throw something together quick and the hubbs was eating something of his own. I threw together some bacon, peppers, turkey roast, and eggs, of course. It was delicious.

Remember my turkey roast? Remember my meatloaf? These are major players in this post.

Mm. I make up the turkey roast and keep it in the fridge. This was just seasoned with thyme and olive oil.

This meatloaf I forgot to even put an egg in... just veggies and 2 pounds of ground meat, turkey and beef. :)

One time, I added meatloaf instead of turkey. Oh yum.

One day I was really hungry.

So... turkey, bacon, meatloaf, peppers, and three eggs later...

Oh, for the love.

Then, for a bit more protein, I added turkey to my morning mix with sweet potatoes, onions, and sausage. Well, that was just incredible.

One evening, I cooked up just onions with turkey and eggs. Except I forgot I was going to be around people that night. Yikes. Sorry, folks.

One of the sweet gals from the gym gave me some pork sausage links to try... so I did.

They were quite yummy, but I was not too ecstatic about the corn flour in there. Oh well. Better than a lot of pork sausage, and it was nice to know the origin of the pigs. More on pork sausage later, though.

Just another daily breakfast with about double the amount of sweet potatoes I usually eat. I must have been prepping for a cardio day.

Then, just yesterday, I finally procured my farm-fresh eggs. Ahh.

See that lovely golden color? They match my sweet potatoes!

You better believe this was amazing. :)

I am also back to my U.S. Wellness Meats pork sausage. Seriously guys. This stuff = the bomb. (I just said "bomb" on my blog. Will that get me blacklisted? Investigated? Let's hope not.)

I have ordered three different times from them so far... and no, I'm not affiliated with them, meaning I don't make money if you all order from them. Just an honest review here. Although, I think they do offer an affiliate program.. Hm. Interesting.

Anyway, they produce an amazing email newsletter complete with tips, tricks, recipes, and more. If you follow them on Pinterest, they offer all sorts of Paleo suggestions for their products. They also have super fast shipping, and the meat I've gotten has always been still frozen.

Plus. It. tastes. incredible.

This pork sausage literally is a party in your mouth. Playing all your favorite songs. No Taylor Swift allowed. Black lights included.

And see that list? Pork, salt, rubbed sage, red and black pepper. That's it.

I was really impressed the first time I made this. Every other sausage I have seen is a gray, lifeless color. This is a beautiful pink. Mmm.

I think this alone has turned me into a morning person. Maybe. I still hesitate to call myself that, but it's becoming more true. The clock rolls around to 9:00pm and I start getting antsy to go brush my teeth. Or I fall asleep sitting up. Sad.

But if the sausage is not enough...

Hello, bacon! Not just any bacon. And not just any nitrate-free bacon.

Nitrate-free, sugar-free bacon.


Anyway, again, here's the website, please go check them out. They have smartly aligned themselves with not only the Paleo/primal community, but also the CrossFit community. To be honest, there's quite a bit of overlap there. However, I am impressed by companies that know what they are doing in the marketing/promotion/social-media aspect.

They also pride themselves in their grass-fed meats. Read more here about grass-fed meats.

Anyone else hungry now? I think I'll make eggs for supper.... ;)


Deirdre Remmers said...

too bad the pay is so minimal as a cook in a restaurant; you'd have a lot of loyal customers with your yummy creations. I'm really proud of you!

Mariah said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet comment. :) Unfortunately, it's pretty simple food, so might not entice a lot of people.

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