Friday, July 20, 2012

Ahh. Relief.

This week, it rained finally.

Beautiful, light rain. There's something so serene and still about rain and the effect it has on my spirit and attitude.

Trust me, I love sunshine and too many rainy days in a row gets me gloomy. But it is quite refreshing after weeks and weeks of hot sunshine.

This week was quite refreshing in many ways...

Finally, some victories. Some small gains.

I have started slowly adding in more "strength" work along with some really light cardio. Seriously light. talking 2:00/1:00 walking and jogging intervals. And there's a reason "strength" is in quotes. ;)

But today. Nevermind that they were measly 135-pound deadlifts (okay, so I mind a little... because earlier this year, I was doing the same sets/reps with 185-pounds. Sigh. I will get it back, I promise! I'm coming after you, 205.). And very slow burpees. Nice and easy.

Okay, so the chalk-use was totally not necessary. But it was fun to use a little. My callouses are nearly gone after weeks and weeks of absolutely no gripping and ripping.. they're a little bit in shock right now.

And honestly, I don't know if I'm so happy because of the working out, or the fact that my appetite has increased. It's always about more food, right...? haha

This is Leah, one of my gym buddies. We matched today! Unfortunately, she was all fresh and pre-workout... and I was not. haha! Got my water belly going on.

This girl can jump.. her boxjump is insane! But what's really fun is when we take over the squat racks and deadlift. ;)

After noticing that eating cottage cheese for lunch left me (more) draggy than when I didn't eat it, I decided to try taking out dairy too. I've been putting a little bit of coconut oil in my coffee (yum!) rather than cream. So now I pretty much eat meat veggies. Lots.. and lots.. of meat and veggies.

My meatloaf that I cooked up today. Secret ingredient? ... What? It wouldn't be a secret if I told you!

Okay, okay. It's cayenne. And today I added smoked paprika as well. Yum.

And eggs. Mmm. Veggie/beef frittata.

My latest food obsession is sauteing onions and zucchini. And blueberries. But not sauteed with the veggies. Ick.

Huge honkin' zucchini there! And don't judge my cooking mess. :)

Oh, and then at the bridal show... Yeah. That happened. I gave up my dairy avoidance. And sugar avoidance. Because well, #yolo right? ;) I enjoyed every delicious bite.

Speaking of the bridal show...

My booth.

A really neat florist/event decorator/rentals booth from an Oshkosh-based business.

And, calling all pyro's! I saw bananas, captain morgan, butter and brown sugar, and was intrigued. It smelled simply amazing. I opted for only the Coldstone though. :)

And a few randoms... Tried to wear my hair somewhat down and curly. Slight fail. Sometimes I just cannot stand having my hair pulling on my scalp.

She looks deformed here... but I still thought it was cute. :)

And, big news! That is, if you're still reading. If I haven't lost you by now. :)

We finally found new tenants for the other half of our duplex. Just today. I am beyond excited... and relieved. One less thing to worry about right now...

And cheers to the weekend... I'll be plunked down right in this chair, working. So if you follow my photog stuff, stay tuned for some really awesome sneak peeks. We're talking engagement sessions with Corvettes, antique tractors, horses... fun stuff!

Hope you all had a little refreshing "rain" in your lives this week too!

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