Friday, July 13, 2012

Play ball.

Emotionally draining week. Super busy. Chest pain came back for a bit the other day. New chiropractor. Some last minute "stuff" that screwed up my schedule a little. Emotions still all over the map. Shoulder and neck in fairly constant pain. Photographing = ouch. Computer work = ouch.

Crazy days ahead. Falling more behind. Therefore, getting more stressed out. Cannot handle stress very well anymore. At all. Sigh.

Not a whole lot of victories this week.

A whole blog post without a single complete sentence. Score.


Garrett and Sarah said...

Thinking about you lots! Hang in there!

Mulberry Mama said...

I hear you on the emotional issues. Here's what's helped me. When it feels like you just CANNOT take it anymore, stop and breathe. In and out. And remember, no matter what happens, God loves you. HUGS!

LJ said...

Even when you're stressed etc you make me smile! Oh dear!! :) Sending you a big hug from here. x

Mariah said...

Thanks, Sarah. I appreciate it. :)

Mariah said...

That is *such* a good point! Especially when I get stressed, I forget to breathe... taking a few long, slow breaths really helps. And yes, there is One who is the ultimate Comforter. :)

Mariah said...

Humor is one of my coping mechanisms. Tehee. Glad you enjoy it. :) Thanks!

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