Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday. But what Friday isn't?

Good Friday. It's been great, so far!

Started the day off right with a couple eggs, delicious bison sausage, and some sweet potato chunks.

Where have you been all my life? How did I live 24 years without you? That's a lie actually. My mom fed us very well as children... we had eggs nearly every day for breakfast. :) Unfortunately, I never appreciated it then.

Next highlight of the morning? Training! :)

We'll skip right by the over-enthusiastic gal in the locker room going on and on about how fun Zumba was. Honey, if you love Zumba, Zumba your little heart out. I've never been able to shake my hips. And, all the ladies that shake their boo-tay's every day in Zumba never seem to go through any major changes like weight loss, etc.

I simply told her that I love training. And we all know how much I respect Zumba. Please pardon the language, but I died laughing when I saw that pin on Pinterest.

I'd been looking forward to today's training session for most of the week because I knew we were going to do some Turkish Get-Ups. Score!

However, I didn't know we were going to do backsquats and split-jerks as well. Split-jerks are another favorite of mine. I ended up PR'ing in those... 3 at 95-lbs. Sweeet.

And then, TGU's. The most I'd done with these before was just the bar (45-pounds), which was quite some time ago. After doing one/each side with just the bar, we threw a 10 on each side, making for my very first attempt at 65-pounds.

Not bad, my friends. Not bad.

Please pardon my flailing legs. I'm quite graceful, no?

I've had a serious perma-grin ever since. Like the whole day.

After that, I had a WOD that was pretty intense. 6 rounds of power-clean/push-presses, pullups, and kettlebell swings. Another first for me was using the 55-pound kettlebell vs. the 35-pound, which I had been using all the time. It was time for the weight increase, but 55-pounds gets heavy when you're swinging it 9 times up to face level!

Good thing I liked my breakfast as I got quite close to tasting it again...

A quick stop at the store was next, where I was asked by an odd older gentleman: what are you planning to do with all this water?

Uhm. Is that a trick question? What does a person normally do with water? Drink it, obviously.

I believe I said something like I was stocking up. Plus it makes for a good workout... lifting it into the car, out of the car, up the steps and into the house.


Anyway, in other news, I've stumbled upon this amazing little news video:

Is Saturated Fat Good For You?

My favorite line?

"Everyone is following the conventional advice, but the problem's not going away.
It's getting worse.
I've also been in contact with the author/owner of Eat Fat, Get Fit on Facebook. He writes a blog focusing on the Paleo lifestyle but highlights some transformations as well. I put together a little transformation image for his page, which he posted, and has since asked me to do an interview more about my story/success/motivation/etc. to post on his blog,

I'll give you more details and obviously link to his blog again once everything is ready to go. Exciting. :)


Hope you're all having a great Good Friday... and have a wonderful Easter!

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