Friday, April 20, 2012

A Memory Lapse

Do you have memory lapses?

As in, large chunks of your life that you just don't remember?

I started to get scared in the last few weeks as it dawned on me that I literally do not remember large portions of my life during college. It isn't like it has been ages and ages ago...

Oh, I remember the big things. Getting married, meeting Justin's girlfriend for the first time, people staying at our sweet little apartment with us, buying different vehicles, locking keys in vehicles, bitter cold winters, weekends spent at both of our parents' houses, passing my Photoshop semester exam with the only 50/50 score in the history of the class, special events... the big things are easy.

But the daily life. I don't remember normal daily life.

What did I eat for breakfast? What did I do with all my time? Why did I only get together with my awesome college buddies 3-4 times during the two years I was there? Why is everything a blur? Did I even sleep at all? And then, how did I survive before coffee?

It's these little things that I wish I could remember.

As I was looking for something last week, I stumbled upon my old planners from college.

Heh. And now I understand why I don't remember the daily life. I understand why it's just a blur of madness interrupted by weekends.

5-6 classes per semester, usually in the mornings, with 2-3 shooting assignments a week. Shooting assignments included buying film, renting the Blad cameras, shooting the assignment, processing film, developing prints, completing the paperwork, and turning it in. That's assuming everything went as planned, and you didn't have to re-shoot. ;)

Then, I worked at the bank about 30-hours a week... which works out to almost every afternoon/evening and some Saturdays.

Plus, all the other "things" in life... including wedding planning in the first few months of school and then being newly married.

Wow. Crazy business. I was literally busy from 7 in the morning until midnight.

It's no wonder I could fall asleep at any given moment.

What is a wonder is how my incredible husband put up with me... :)

Anyway, I don't mean to give the impression of doom and gloom. When I think back, there are so many happy memories. Lots of love and laughter accompanied the stress. Some of the best years of my life!

It really makes me appreciate the daily life I have now. Who would have thought in just a few years, I would be setting and controlling, to an extent, my own schedule? Who would have thought I would be a business owner... for three years already?

It also makes me stop and take note every once in a while: this is what's happening. This is what your life is like. Right now. Enjoy it.

I even still keep a planner... Well, two actually. Some habits are hard to break. ;) They are mostly to keep track of how I spend my time for business purposes and for setting appointments.

But, also, so I'll be able to look back once I forget (probably will be sooner rather than later) and remember. This is what my days were like. This is what I enjoyed.

And it will make me happy.

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