Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A spinny hug

Last week, I sat down and wrote a blog post about all my fears, insecurities, and things that scare me. Yes. I have fears. Things do scare me.

Obviously, I didn't publish the post... fear of rejection is one of those. ;)

It felt great just to acknowledge how I was feeling, to put into words what had only been vague thoughts and nagging doubts.

I told myself that it was okay to feel that way; it was okay to have some of these fears; it was okay to be insecure about different things. To have fear is very rational. Acknowledging that was comforting.

It was like a little mental squeeze huge spinny hug to myself. Not familiar with those? When the hubbs and I first started dating, he would pick me up in a hug and swing me around in circles... it feels like you're flying. Plus you're hugging the love of your life. Incredible feeling. :) Spinny hugs are amazing.

Then today, I deleted it.

Fear is a good thing. Sometimes.

Other times, just simply acknowledging it and deciding to move on is the better thing to do. Fear can be crippling; it makes us indecisive and doubtful.

This is what scares me. Right now.

Without a second glance... I deleted it.

And now? It's in the past. No more dwelling on it. It's time to move forward.

Do you have fears? Anxiety? Worries?

Write them down. Give yourself a spinny hug. And throw your list away.

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