Monday, May 7, 2012

Why my dog hates me: blackened fish

Let me preface this first by reminding you all the extent of my knowledge of preparing blackened fish: absolutely nothing.

I take that back. I once had this amazing blackened fish over a Greek salad at this awesome restaurant called Fratello's in Appleton down by the river. That was a lot of adjectives for one sentence. Sorry.

See that? Pure awesome-ness.

So, I knew that I had amazing blackened fish once. And it was seasoned with some sort of Cajun/spicy seasoning. And it was made with some kind of white fish. Yep, that's all I knew.

I was bumming around on Pinterest (where else?!) looking for recipes to try or tips on how to make it.

Found this one, got myself some white fish just for the halibut, some Cajun seasoning and went to work. How many times before the halibut joke gets old? Now? Okay. Sigh.

Did I know anything about halibut? No. Did I know anything about a cast iron pan? No. Did I know anything about smoke detectors. Yes! I did actually already know a little something about that...

So I got to work. Is halibut a good choice? Is it a firm white fish? Sure. There's probably better ones. I still don't know. Definitely not a fish expert here.

Thawed out the filets. Gross. Stupid skin.

Heated the butter. By the way. I can pretty much eat this stuff plain. So yummy. Nutrition tip: butter is slippery. Eat as much as possible to lubricate your arteries and veins.

Got out my brand spankin' new Cajun Creole seasoning.

Mixed it together with (what else?) onion and garlic powder.

Meanwhile, I had started heating my dry pan to medium high. Yes, it was non-stick. Yes, I was scared for it's life.

I dunked each filet in butter and coated each side.

I think my pan had started to smoke at this point. Quick! Must take the picture so I can get the filets in the pan! ;)

Ready for this? Here we go!

Swirling smoke!

The site I had been reading told me to let it fry 1-2 minutes per side, until it becomes flaky. I'm a horrible judge at cooking fish. So I kind of bungled my way through this part and hoped for the best.

Flip, flip, flip, and done.

Oh, did I mention the smoke detector? Heh. The poor dog. And the poor neighbor's cats. They probably thought the house was burning down.

But oh man. Would you look at that? Just look at it.

Simply amazing.

Almost worth wrecking my pan. We'll see tomorrow morning if it's still usable. ;)

In other news, not a lot is happening..

Since I mentioned her, I might as well share these cute pics of Turbs. I don't know how she puts up with us. The hubbs snuggled her in like this. She stayed there for a good 5 minutes (and let me snap multiple pics), probably just happy he left her alone for that long! ;)

Also, last week I got to flip the tire again. So. much. fun. I can't remember if it's 425 or 450 pounds, but it's a big ol' tractor tire that sits outside the gym. And gets water inside it when it rains the day before.

I got nice and muddy... I'm considering it training for the Tough Mudder in September.

Now, I'm off to buy a cast-iron pan... and replace the batteries in our smoke detector. Who's with me?!

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