Thursday, March 15, 2012

All time favorite: Turkey, Bacon, and Feta

I can't believe I've never posted this "recipe."

Maybe because it's simply too easy.

What you need:
Turkey breasts

Fry the bacon, then remove and crumble with feta
Fry the turkey breasts (yes, in the delicious bacon fat)

Serve the turkey with the bacon/feta mixture on top

Simple. Delicious. But then again, I did say bacon. And feta.

Talk about the meat sweats. I love the warm fuzzy feeling from a high-protein, high-fat meal. I also love the scale the next morning and how lean I feel.

Speaking of scales.... I'm breaking up with mine. After having reached -50 pounds, I've decided I no longer really care about that number. In fact, I wouldn't mind gaining weight if it means I can pull up that 205-lb deadlift or start squatting close to 200-lbs.

I'll still be weighing myself twice a week, just to keep tabs on things. And yes, I'll still be keeping my food diary because, let's face it, I like anal things like that.

But the focus has shifted....

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