Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food. Squats. Typical post.

An updated picture of my "meatza." :)

Now, this is completely random. But I have discovered plastic cutting mats. Lightbulb discovery.

This is just one of their useful applications. I like to mix up my hamburger meat myself... ground beef/turkey/seasonings/bacon fat/etc.

However, I like flat hamburgers. Plus flat hamburgers cook faster. And you know I'm all about not waiting for food to cook...

Genius, no? I'd like to say this is a "Randomonitiies" original, but I'm not that bright. Someone else probably thought of this long before I did. ;)

Another random.. this cracks me up.

Someone told me on Facebook the other day that bacon was bad for me. (It was in response to this awesome and slightly controversial infographic about bananas and cookies.) Sigh. Yes. I am just a weak, sickness-infested, overweight, non-energetic, 24-year-old with a 60-year-old's body.



I cook up 2 pans of bacon at a time and refrigerate them. Easy snack... and bacon tastes amazing when it's cold. (20 minutes at 400*, for those of you who were wondering)

Then, I take all that yummy bacon fat, save it in a jar, and use it to cook my eggs in every morning. Mmm.

Oh, wait? Eggs are bad for me too?

I'll take my chances.

Sigh. All this meat and fat I've been eating is making me weak. Obviously.

I mean, I still haven't broken 200-lbs on my deadlifts.

This is me doing 195-lbs, 3 reps, last Saturday.

(There's a reason I cut off my head... I found out that I make the absolute ugliest face when I lift. Maybe I should use the mirrors to look at my expression...? Ugh. It's embarrassing.)

And I looove my new tank. ;)

I highly recommend following "Lift Big Eat Big" on Facebook.

This was after the deadlifts... hence, the chalk all over my bum. :)

I'm in a front squat here with only 10's on the bar (65-lbs), but I was warming up to do some thrusters. Thrusters are even more fun than burpees. Gag. In a thruster, you start in the squat position here and push the bar above your head as you come up.

I swear my dear hubby made me stay in the position for a minute. That's a lie. But it was probably 20 seconds. "Just one more second..."


Today's workout was amazing. Ah-freaking-mazing.

Just cardio today with some ab work. However, for the first time in... ages (!!), I had to quit from serious fatigue rather than pain. Talk about a great feeling.

I even ran 50 flights of stairs to celebrate at the end.

It was glorious.


And then, I came home and seriously stuffed my face with sweet potato fries. Yes, that was a food reward. They were awesome. And totally worth the carb gut I now have. :)

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