Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food. Squats. Part 2

This morning I was feeling lazy.

Could have been from the killer WOD yesterday. Man, that felt good. :)

And yes, I ate. It was a glorious day of stuffing my face. :D

Where were we? Oh, yes. I was feeling lazy. My standard oatmeal/flax combo had run out yesterday, and I just didn't feel like waiting for it to cook this morning. I'm also toying with the idea of going more strictly Paleo and cutting out my oatmeal entirely.

Then I remembered that just the other day, I had pinned a "power scramble" recipe to my Pinterest that included sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, and cream. And I also remembered my love of sweet potatoes.

Of course, being the rebel free-thinker independent person that I am, I would rather create my own version.

Or, I wanted to just eat more sweet potatoes. Or, I didn't have any cream. Believe whatever you wish. It's like a choose-your-own-ending book. Are those still around? Raise your hand if you were raised in the nineties!

I chopped my little sweet potato pretty thinly and added it to bacon grease with a sliver or two of red onion.

After the potato was mostly cooked, I took half out to save it for tomorrow. Then I crumbled up a piece of already-cooked bacon in the pan. I always cook up a bunch of bacon and keep it in the fridge... there's that laziness again. ;) Plus, bacon tastes great cold.. seriously.

I suppose you could start with uncooked bacon, too. Fry the bacon until mostly done, then add your sweet potato and onion.

I added more bacon grease, and then popped in my egg.

Raise your hand if you like runny yolks! I always cook them over easy and then pop it with my fork right after taking them out of the pan.

Let me tell you.... this was amazing. Even though it may have been cold by the time I got done snapping pics... ;)

Sweet-Potato Hash with Bacon

Sweet potato, finely chopped or shredded
Sliced onion

Heat pan
Cook bacon OR add bacon grease
Saute sweet potato with onions
Add cooked bacon
Fry egg(s)

This nice mix of protein/carbs/fats set me up perfectly for my strength day today at the gym, although I'm pretty sure I'll add another egg in the coming mornings.

I haven't had a good ol' fashioned strength day for a looong time, but I'm still trying to not push myself too much yet. So I treated today more like a "fun day," going through my lifts at a relaxed pace and remembering how much joy lifting gives me.

I did some front squats, power snatches, and overhead squats first. I even ended up PR'ing in my snatches, which is one of my favorite lifts. One of the more complicated Olympic lifts, you throw a bunch of weight from the floor to over your head. :) Finished up with a few other things, but it felt awesome to spend most of my time in the squat rack.

When I got home from the gym, I ran across this article in my news feed: Self-Discipline vs. Self-Love
At the end of the day, don’t let discipline get in the way of really getting know your body. It’s a deeply courageous act to stop, get still and listen. If you tune-in regularly, your body will never lead you astray.
The whole post is incredible, but wow, that hit home... It takes a lot of discipline to accomplish things. However, it takes listening to your body to not over-do it. I'm trying harder than ever to listen to my body. Trying to love my body..

This gal (The Clothes Make The Girl) is another one of my favorite bloggers. She just wrote a post about loving your body. I highly recommend reading it... and some of her past entries too.

Anyway, time for me to get some more work done!

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