Saturday, July 18, 2009

A mess of pictures..

I came to realize yesterday that I have not posted any photos on this blog-thinger for a very long time.

My sincerest apologies. So without further ado, please welcome....

Gma and Gpa's Anniversary Party 06.06.09
Blair, Joel, and Ron: a salute to Mt Dew

I love this one of Marshall

And this one of Jen and I

Joel and Marshall

50 yrs!

We had them cut the cake. :)

And this is what photo nerds do with a point-and-shoot full of snapshots from Greece.

Joel's clever idea. :)

Todd and Shanna's Wedding 06.13.09
I had to take a few snapshots in addition to my other ones. :)

Shanna and I

Blair and Greg (cousin)

Justin and Toby (another cousin)

The fam :)

The fam with Kayli, Justin's g/f (She's a total sweetheart!)

Me and Katie R!

Making the getaway

And they're off!

Flying to and from Atlanta, GA/Houston, TX over the 4th

We love our heads in the clouds! :)

Down in MO for Brenton's funeral (staying at the Townsend's)
Seth and Sean, the adorable twins

Driving home through St. Louis

Yup, it's the BUICK! :D

Yummy bfast last Saturday..
Melting butter for the gravy.. I thought it looked cool

The biscuits!

Our very stupid neighbors.

Yes. The clothes are out on the line. Like they were for the past week. And it had rained twice. And then they threw bread (?) out on the lawn to feed the birds. What?!

Oh well. At least their grass is green, not like our brown junk. :)

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