Thursday, July 16, 2009


Deep subject as Dad would say. :)

I'm just compelled to post about a trick I tried at the grocery store this morning. I have this creative idea* that they should put little barcode scanners on shopping carts, so as you're putting stuff in your cart, you can add up your total bill as you're shopping. Brilliant, right? Or am I the only one who cares?
*patent #800,093,821,357 pending**

So. I took a little pocket calculator with me and added it up as I went along. Did it make me take anything off my list, especially as I flew past my self-imposed budget? No. But it did help me to put back these really awesome fizz-ed natural sodas, and leave quite a bit of other stuff on the shelves that wasn't on my list. And it wasn't such a horrible shock when I went to check out.
**just kidding. But isn't it a good idea?

Random: I saw a red cardinal at 5:30 this morning out of our bedroom window. I've never seen one in real life, so that was sweet. (I know, 5:30, two mornings in a row?! Even I'm impressed.)

Here's an update on the job situation. I was sick of not finding anything, so I went to the, which took me to So I posted my resume.

So far, I've had about 4 offers to sell insurance (which I've done in the past and don't want to do again), an interview with Prudential (which kudos to them on the speed, they emailed me within 2 hours of my posting it), and a few bank teller positions including Wells Fargo just down the street which eerily had a full time teller position open up there 2 days before I looked. I sent a resume to Fox Cities CU, just hung up the phone with Community 1st CU HR, went in and had a little chat with the Red Radish manager and owner, and poked my head in the door at Wells Fargo to give them a face with the name. I also applied at another bank that I can't remember the name of right now, and have an appointment with Cadre Staffing Services on Monday. I'm in the process of filling out an app to Career Options (another staffing place) for a teller position at a bank I know not.

I've been in touch with All Seasons Photography in New London, as the Marx family is nearly exclusive to them, and Mariah let it slip that one of their HS employees is leaving for school in the fall here. We've had a great email conversation, and there might be something there in the future.

Also, I'm going to be doing a trial wedding in Wautoma to gain some experience and grow my portfolio with Nick Pennington of Nicholas Norbert Photography, who's actually out of West Bend. He's letting me come along, and there might be paying possibilities in the future if we work well together. And before you raise your eyebrows, here's my logic for that: I might as well do something and get paid nothing... rather than do nothing and get paid nothing.

W/e. Just give me a job. And then I'll whine and moan about that. :)

Oh, and we sold our beloved car!! There was a chick that came and looked at it Tuesday night after gsp meeting, and she was rounding up the rest of the money to get it and finally got back to Joel this morning. :D

I'm going to miss that thing. It's bad, but probably the thing I liked about it most was how "cool" I felt walking out to it. Oh yeah. This is my car. Drool, now, because I drive it and you don't. Or something. But tied for first, was how slamming through the gears totally drained away any frustration. haha.

Mmm hmm. Sexy. :)

Finally, cheers to Friday being tomorrow, my awesome friend, Brett (yes, GIRL), from college coming up here next week, payday, and one of the most random posts ever!


Sarah said...

Hey you! Just an idea -- I got my job at Di Renzo and Bomier through Landmark Staffing -- they were great -- might wanna give them a whirl! See you tomorrow!! ;-)


Hey! They already use things like that in grocery stores in England! and then you just pay the final amount, they spot check people to make sure they're not putting stuff in they don't pay for and the alarm goes off if you try to leave the store with something you haven't scanned! ;-)

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