Thursday, July 16, 2009

"... some form of a bill will probably pass."


I've always liked Ron Paul a little. At least he has a head on his shoulders. Unlike these beheaded chickens that are in the majority in the Senate, House of Reps, and, ahem, White House.

From the article:

"As far as the Texas Congressman[Ron Paul] is concerned, healthcare is not a right. "I don't have a right to medical care," he emphatically states. In his view, the constitution only guarantees citizens "life, liberty and (the right to) keep the fruits of my labor."

Don't be mistaken, he's very clear to point out, he is in favor of all citizens receiving medical care. "I want everybody to have maximum care at the best price. And that's why I want the government out of it completely."

Well, agree with him or not, even he admits some form of a bill will probably pass. Reports indicate, if the Democrats find support in both Houses that bill could arrive on President Obama's desk by October."


Sorry, I don't usually get caught up in politics on here, but this is ridiculous. Socialism leads to communism, and this is giving me a hard lump in my gut.

And just a quick question for all the ppl who ragged on Bush administration for spending... have you taken a look at the numbers the government is spending now? And what something like this would do to our taxes? Do we really want to pay in half of our paychecks so the government can supply us with mediocre health care?


Erica said...

Try holding your head up when your Senator's question to sotamayor was about the title of a tv show episode.

Mariah said...

Haha, what happened?

Lindsay said...

eep. the fruits of MY labor costed a small fortune to bear, and we have to insure them for 18 years. each. i'm all for good, inexpensive healthcare... :)

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