Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hah... Overwhelmed

I sense a lot of stress in my future. And I'm a touch overwhelmed and panicky-feeling about it already.

So my weddings class is going to give me some great experience, but it's going to be extremely difficult. As I mentioned before, it should be considered a 6-credit hour class since we spend six hours a week just in class. The four hour lab time on Fridays is done all on location in churches for now and outside later. The huge class is split up into 4 groups which will rotate in and out of two different scenes (the altar with lights, and window light). And then within that rotation, one person gets 20 min to get 3 poses, and the other people in the group have 5 min each to get 1 pose each. And starting in February, one person has to stay after and do an hour of independent shooting with an assistant... and turn in the photos unedited, uncropped, etc.

Make any sense? Don't blame you. It took nearly 2 hours for that whole concept to sink in with me. The worst part? We have to find our own models to be bride/groom every single Friday.

And since it was improbable that Joel would work here the rest of the week (as he hadn't yesterday or today), the idea came that maybe he should call up the fam in Wisconsin and see if they could use any help this week. Even though they're a bit slow, Mike said he'd take him... I'm so beyond grateful for them that it makes me emotional.

Yes, it does mean he'll be gone until Saturday.... but at least he's working, which not only is paying bills, but also keeping him occupied.

Dont worry about me, I have chocolate.


Jennifer said...

Chocolate is gooooood. ;)

Anonymous said...

Shawn started his class today too, and while I was giving the kids their baths, he ran out and bought me some chocolate. :)

Elissa & Logan said...

mmm...yes, chocolate IS good! i miss you!

Stacy said...

This sounds totally stressful. Hang in there!

Mariah said...

I sure will... In fact, I've taken some steps in the "hanging in there" direction already...

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