Friday, January 16, 2009

What. A. Day.

I had a superb day.. superbly bad.

It all started when I woke up to me dropping my phone down the front of the bed. And then I realized that it was light outside. And then I was frantically trying to dig my phone out and squint at the clock at the same time. 8:08. Ugh. I had set my alarm for 5:40 so I wouldn't be late to the first day of our Weddings class in the church. Well.

So I hopped in the shower/got ready. And realized that I still had to deal with le truck. Last night at midnight I decided to quick read the instruction manual for the jump starter that I had bought. Except I had bought a battery charger, not a jump start, so it had to be plugged into an outlet in order to charge the battery in the truck. And all the industrial extension cords were in the van, which was in Wisconsin with le husband, who also would have been helpful in this entire scene. ... So I couldn't even use it.

So after getting ready, I had a decent little despair-filled sob-fest with myself, and then Mom, and then Joel (sorry, you two)... and finally was saved by one of the friends and the jumper cables that Joel had so helpfully left in the truck for me.

Wow. Got to the church for this weddings class at around 9:30 and left the truck running because I didn't want to shut it off (like the night before at WalMart for an hour).

Yadda, yadda... so class gets out early at 10:30... and I'm just about to leave the parking lot when a girl from class says, 'Hey Mariah, can you come give me a jump?'

SURE! I'd love to. Actually, yeah, why not, because I totally feel for people in that position now. And it turned out that her battery was fine. Something else was not. Le vehicle would not stay running unless revved up. Hmm.

So in between offering her my vehicle to sit in and get warm, and running her to WalMart to get Heet (which didn't work), her making phone calls... we realize that she's going to have to have it towed back to her house. Which is all the way out by the college. So I take her home. And then go to work, since it is now 12:30. And the truck hadn't been shut off since it was started that morning. Joy.

(Btw, to be fair, she did buy me Subway for lunch quick... kudos to her for that!)

Wow. Work was fine... after I had a brief emotional moment where I wanted to go home, throw on sweats, and devour all the chocolate in the house. (Emotional eating, anyone?) I realized how much I'm going to miss my service manager. Must. be. strong. Anyway, didn't get out of there until nearly 7:00 (yes, the bank lobby closes at 5 and the drive-through at 6). And I'm all walking out to the truck with someone to give me a jump to get home... and dadgummit, wouldnjaknowit! Stupid thing starts. Maybe because it's above 0 degrees?

Whatever. So now I have to work tomorrow, but it's all good because the truck was probably just being temperamental (I mean, seriously, -25 degrees actual temp??) and hopefully not something seriously wrong like the starter/alternator/peeling surface on the dash/low headlight fluid/etc.

And I have my nice, industrial 100-ft long extension cord and battery charger all ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Let's hope I don't need it.

I already have to bake 2 batches of brownies for people and all their help in getting my truck going this week.


Stacy said...

Oh dear. Those guys can be handy for a few things can't they? :) Hope things smooth out soon for you.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Oh goodness Mariah!! That sounds miserable!!!

Mariah said...

Yeah, not the best of days, but I downed my sorrows in the office, 30 rock, and private practice episodes online.. :)

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