Thursday, January 15, 2009



I really want to apologize to everyone that I've talked to (and those that have read my blog!) in the last month.... because I've been complaining and whining about my job. Endlessly. So sorry.

So when John and Marilyn, whom I lived with in the area before getting married, offered me a great opportunity at their health food store... I seriously considered it. And accepted. :)

I'm really going to miss my service manager (she's simply amazing!), my 401k (and company match starting in 2 days), 4 weeks paid vacation, and all the sweet free products that comes with working at a bank... but leaving Wells Fargo is such a relief to me. I put in my two weeks today, and plan to start at TNK the first week of February.

Here's some pictures that I took back when I did an assignment about colors in a business. They have a cute little store that's always bright and cheery. I'm really excited!

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