Monday, January 12, 2009


Only the first day back... but I'm soooo pumped to be back in class again!

I've got a decent schedule, with only my major class Monday and Wednesdays starting at 9:00.

Then on Tuesday and Thursday, I have three different classes: Advanced Electronic Imaging... which isn't really Photoshop; a "lecture" hour for my Weddings class; and then a Studio Promotions class, which is about marketing and the business end of things. However, the first one starts at 11:00... so that will be a refreshing change from 8:00 class every morning. I'll get so much done in the mornings! Or something.

Then on Friday I have a four hour "lab" period for the Weddings class... which is a four-credit hour class that meets for six hours a week...?? Hmm. Whatever.

I think possibly the most exciting thing about going back to class is the fact that I'm back to my usual 15-20 hours a week at work. :)

Seriously though. I'm super excited to be in my last semester of school!

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