Saturday, January 10, 2009


Note to self:
All other things equal, when a college kid (or young married couple)'s cupboards/refrigerators are full, the bank account is empty and vice versa.

Ugh. So in-depth grocery shopping was a blast. But even though I stuck strictly to my list, I still overspent. I'm ready for Joel to work a little more so we get a little more than $25/paycheck, like this week.

Anyway, since he's off snowmobiling for the weekend and having fun, I'm going to blow off vacuuming and balancing the bank statements to read a book and enjoy a nice cold glass of chocolate milk, both of which I haven't done since high school.



Lindsay said...

oh, the joys of grocery shopping on a budget... although i've found that if you plan it right, you can feed a family of three for a week on $45. boring but possible... lol:)

Mariah said...

haha.. yeah... I'm looking at it as a challenge that will just take a little creativity to work around.. :)

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